The pandemic has shown us that we have the tools to be productive despite the challenges of isolation. Still, after years of virtual meetings and video calls, countless people working from home feel disconnected, uninspired, and detached. Despite being three-dimensional creatures, we continue to operate behind our two-dimensional screens, and one thing remains certain: we have not fully figured out how to connect virtually.  

The creation of The Meeting Place is grounded in the belief that the most extraordinary human innovations come from organic social interactions. As our realities become increasingly virtual, the importance of the quality of our digital environments will come into focus. Unrestrained by physics and limited only by our imaginations, our virtual spaces have the potential to inspire, challenge, and even love us. 

Envisioned through the lens of art, The Meeting Place is the first immersive NFT designed from the ground up to be inhabited and explored in virtual reality. Part installation, part architecture, the adaptive space is a case study for the next generation of digital social engagements and a gateway to new opportunities for environmental artists and designers. 

Our digital environments will evolve alongside us as technology advances, eventually becoming our homes, schools, and offices in our parallel realities. A more social digital experience allows us to become more inspired, and a more inspired society will ultimately lead us to a more prosperous humanity.

Welcome to The Meeting Place.
The future has arrived, and it exists in the metaverse. 
See you on the other side.